Eating Disorders


People’s relationship with food and their body is often complex. An eating disorder or food anxiety can be extremely damaging for your health but can have an impact on every area of your life.
Living with an eating disorder is challenging but therapy can help to develop good habits around food, exercise and body image.
Therapy will help identify the causes and triggers for your negative relationship with food and body image and help you on a path to a happy life free from food anxieties.

Reasons for this Therapy

Eating disorders

binge eating disorder


eating disorders in minors


food guilt

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“Louise is a therapist who is conscientiously developing her already extensive skills to ensure she is meeting the needs of all her clients. As a trained and experienced counsellor, working with children and young people, Louise brings a wealth of understanding.”

Dame Benny Refson DBE (Pace2Be President)

“Louise has been my therapist since I was 15 years old. She has been through it all with me, without judgment. I feel understood when I am with her, I feel safe. Sometimes I feel she may know me better than I know myself. Louise has taught me not only to love and respect myself, but to love life at times I no longer had hope. The last six years together has been such a journey, not an easy one, but I wouldn’t change anything as I have learnt so much about myself and had someone by my side that I knew would be there no matter what. I do not know what I would have done without Louise’s support and wisdom. Louise has helped me grow into the woman I am today. I feel so grateful to call her not just my therapist, but my life long friend. She saved my life.”

Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart

“I first met Louise 9 years ago, in crisis. I was pregnant, in a new job and my marriage had received a severe shock. I can honestly say I do not believe my family would still be intact - and happier than ever - without Louise. On a personal level she has helped me realise being vulnerable is a strength and how to bring my ‘whole self’ into everything I do. Louise has had nothing but a profoundly positive impact on my life, and that of my family. ”

Suzy Radclife

“Experienced and empathic with acute eye for where relationships are not all they should be. Louise is a humanist. You cannot not be in this job and too few recognise that, and just focus on science. Louise has that balance.”

John Stewart [Psychologist]

“At times in my life, when the wind was blowing (metaphorically speaking), everything was changing, and nothing made any sense. My instinct at these times was to do something, try something, to make things better. The outcome was always worse, more confusion, and more pain. One dark day, somehow I found myself in front of Louise. At first, very little of what she said to me made sense, most of it I disagreed with, but I decided to see her again, and again. Those initial small, difficult steps, became easier and more normal. I started to understand things I had never understood. Slowly life started to make sense, and it became less threatening. If you believe, as I do, that we all have our part to play in life, then my guess is that Louise’s part is to show us our path and to tell us not to be afraid to walk down it.”


“Louise has worked with different members of our family for the past few years. Leveraging her own life experience and her expertise, she is able to connect across generations. She helps reconnect family members on healthier bases, managing through issues as complex as addiction and co-dependence, while emphasising healthy and honest communications and threading through a strong belief in kindness and love.”