How Therapy Can Help Us

My interview with Mind Medicine

Describe your work as a Humanistic Therapist.

I believe in working with what is happening in my clients’ life today. We look at how old behaviours and patterns from the past can play out in their life today, in a negative way. I believe in trying to connect my clients to their emotions and feelings from the past and present.

In what ways can people benefit from having therapy?

Therapy is a choice. You need to be willing and ready to look at and change your behaviour. We can’t change anyone else’s behaviour, only our reactions and responses to it.

What impact does your work have on your life?

I love my work and it brings me such joy to see my clients change and grow and take charge of their life. It is like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

Boundaries are often worked on during therapy. What is the importance of these in day to day life?

Boundaries are very important. It is ok to say “no”. It is very important to put boundaries in place for our children to grow up into healthy adults. However many people kick back against a boundary, stand strong and positive results will come.

How do you look after your mental health?

I look after my own mental health by having therapy on a weekly basis.